Parent’s Comments

Here’s what some of our student’s parents had to say about Central Christian School:

I sent my daughter to CCS’s kindergarten class questioning whether or not she was ready. I found myself pleasantly surprised at how much she thrived! She loved … all the personalized attention she got. The curriculum was challenging and fun…perfect for Kindergarten! I feel that my daughter got so much more from CCS than she would have from another public school program and she was definitely well prepared for 1st grade this year! I would recommend CCS to anyone!

We loved the small class size and the individual attention each child received. We also loved that our child learned not only the basics but more about God, the Bible and Christ like character. Our son entered 1st grade easily and confidently because of the great start he received in his schooling.

The kids are encouraged to explore, and discover God’s world. They develop a love for learning because of CCS and their staff of teachers. Allie still misses kindergarten and really wishes she could have her class this year.

At the start of 1st grade on the mainland Madeline’s teacher was amazed at how far ahead of the rest of the class she was. She could read on a 2nd grade level, recognized money and their denominations, knew the difference between an hour and a minute hand on a clock and many more things. Due to the small class size she was gently guided to excel with the love and support of her teacher and staff ast CCS. I am so grateful that Madeline was able to be in such a loving environment for all of preschool and Kindergarten. She was allowed to explore and find who she was in such a loving and nurturing school. Thanks!

Rachel is our second child to attend CCS and we planned to send her to 2 years of preschool. She attended the 4-year-old class first and we had planned for another year when the Kindergarten class was offered. Rachel was extremely quiet and would not talk to many people during her first year in the 4-year-old class. She was very talkative and interactive at home. We consulted with Mrs. Furusho to confirm if she was ready for this next step and Rachel attended the Kindergarten class. Rachel is a late born child and attending this Kindergarten class did prepare her to attend Kindergarten this year at Mililani Mauka Elementary. She is doing extremely well and we could not be happier for the confidence this has given her.

In the CCS Kindergarten class, she excelled in every way. Most of all, she opened up and talked more to everyone. She learned to read and write and learning sign language was a great extension to her learning experiences. The class was very close to each other and she felt safe and happy to be there. We are very thankful that she learned about Jesus and the Bible through song, stories, prayer, and every day interaction with her classmates, teachers, and Pastor Pete’s Friday morning Chapel talks with the children. Mrs. Furusho is a wonderful teacher with the perfect blend of wisdom, experience and fun. We are pleased with the programs for all the students and classes offered at CCS. This is why we have our third child currently attending the preschool and he will be there for 2 years also as we have planned. We are very happy to have found CCS and would love for the school to expand, hopefully to benefit our children in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of our thoughts.

I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality of instruction at Central Christian School, and pleased with how much [my daughter] clearly enjoys kindergarten. Last week she surprised me by explaining the concept of “repentance”. I was amazed by the fact that she was able to then explain what it meant in her own words. I am confident that [my daughter] has benefited greatly from the small student-teacher-ratio and the amount of interaction with teacher that she wouldn’t have received in another school.

– Jennifer M.

My son is in his second year at Central Christian School. He has shown so much growth both academically and spiritually since he first started! His teacher is wonderful and has a God given gift to teach kids. The school is a well organized, clean, bright and engaging environment. The teachers are so caring and nurturing. My son has learned fundamental Bible stories and how those stories teach him to make good choices. Most importantly, he has learned that God loves him so much, which is the foundation for a meaningful relationship with God. CCS is a wonderful place for a child to grow in the Lord, in character, and in academics. I’m so thankful we chose CCS.

– Katie B.

When my daughter began Central Christian School, she knew very little English. She didn’t understand what people were saying and was unable to read or write any English. She now can put together sentences and have conversations in English. The teachers, especially Pastor Pete have been influential in my child’s success. We are so glad to be a part of the Central Christian School family.

– T. Hul