In the Classroom


classroom-smallGod loves children. He has entrusted them to parents for their fullest spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development.

The purpose of Central Christian School is to assist parents in providing children with a Christ-centered education in which the Lordship of Jesus Christ is acknowledged in every aspect of life and learning.

We believe that children are created uniquely. They are naturally inquisitive and desire to learn, but they need loving guidance and encouragement. Central Christian School offers a solid academic foundation with a combination of traditional and innovative approaches. Children will learn the importance of honesty, personal initiative, respect for authority and love for God and others.

Central Christian School provides an alternative to parents who want their children educated in a Christian atmosphere by committed Christian teachers. We seek to help each child become what he or she can be by God’s grace.

The mission of Central Christian School is to partner with families and the church by providing a Christ-centered evangelical school which challenges the intellect, strengthens the body, nurtures the spirit and shepherds the heart, so that all students may come to love Christ and grow in faith, wisdom, and knowledge.


Preschool & Kindergarten Program

Program Elements

  • Small classes
  • Parent participation
  • Enrichment Days
  • Hawaiian Culture
  • Minister to whole child
  • Focus on developing Christian character, which includes self control, manners, respect, courtesy and kindness
  • Loving, gracious setting for interaction with peers and adults
  • Culturally diverse student population
  • Field trips and guest speakers
  • Regular communication with parents

Curriculum Considerations

  • Provide Christian education that is child-centered and developmentally appropriate
  • Stimulate learning through social interaction, language development as well as creative and routine activities
  • Provide experiences, based upon the children’s needs and interests
  • Encourage children to think, reason, question, develop ideas, solve problems and experiment
  • Encourage children to make choices and display independence
  • Foster intellectual and physical development with a variety of approaches that reflect the needs of the children
  • Include multicultural concepts and activities
  • Include good habits of health, nutrition, grooming and safety
  • Promote knowledge of and appreciation for the arts with hands-on art, music and drama opportunities
  • Stimulate the development of the whole child by balancing the following: indoor/outdoor, quiet/active, individual/large/small group, large muscle/small muscle, child initiated/staff initiated
  • Evaluate the individual progress of the child